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Monday, February 23, 2015

T Shirt Quilt and Basket Quilt

Another project complete! This is a t-shirt quilt for the elementary school my three children attended over the last 10 years. Andrew started in 2005, Emma in 2008, and Sarah in 2010. This is my thank you to all the wonderful teachers and staff at the school. In all, my kids have had 14 different homeroom teachers! I included t-shirts from years ago when the school was still new to the current spirit wear. The quilt blocks in the four corners are called Sarah's Choice (which I chose because Sarah is our last one to attend the school) and done in school colors. 

This is a label made by my friend, Kellie, who also did the stippling and embroidery on the quilt. I attached the label on three sides leaving one short side open to put a letter inside. The letter includes my thank you, quilt care instructions, and a list of all our teachers.

This basket quilt was paper pieced by me about 10 years ago when the kids were little and I still had one in the crib. Recently, I found it in my pile of PhD's (projects half finished) and decided to have it finished. It's one of my first quilt projects so don't look too closely :) The sentimental value exceeds the inaccuracies so I don't mind.

Happy quilting!

Julie B.

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