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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekend Project with Sarah

This weekend, Sarah and I repainted this old dresser that used to be in her nursery. It was a pale yellow color. 

We went to JC Litch with a knob from her nightstand. We wanted to match the paint color on her bed and nightstand. They did a great job matching the color. After a light sanding and two coats of paint, we were very happy!

The glass knobs are from Hobby Lobby.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Waste Knot Quilt Complete... at last!

The Waste Knot Quilt is officially complete. I have it displayed in my sewing room which is also the guest room.

Here is a closer look of the quilting that was done by Julie Karlak at Simply Divine Quilts. I am so happy with the floral motif.

Happy quilting!

Julie B.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Trifle Dish Quilt

I started a new quilt with some sewing friends called Trifle Dish Quilt. The pattern is free on Moda Bake Shop here. I've never done a row quilt before; so far, I'm really enjoying it. For February, we started with the first row called Butterflies and 4 Patches. I shoveled sorted thru my fabric stash and found this great fabric by Alexander Henry. I dusted it off, sent it thru the wash, and claimed it as my focus fabric. Then, I went thru my smaller scraps and found lots of bright colors to go with my focus fabric. The quilt is going to be semi-scrappy because everyone knows I can't do scrappy. It goes against my nature. The background fabric is Moda Grunge but I can't remember which color. I'll have to take it to the fabric store and find out because I'll definitely need more. I finished the whole row but couldn't get a good picture of it. Have you tried taking a picture of something 64-1/2 x 9-1/2? So, following are a couple pictures of the individual blocks.

Next row is called Sponge Roll. I'm starting to get together my accent fabric. I love putting these little scraps to good use for everyone to see. They've been in the scrap bins for too long.

Happy quilting!

Julie B.

Monday, February 23, 2015

T Shirt Quilt and Basket Quilt

Another project complete! This is a t-shirt quilt for the elementary school my three children attended over the last 10 years. Andrew started in 2005, Emma in 2008, and Sarah in 2010. This is my thank you to all the wonderful teachers and staff at the school. In all, my kids have had 14 different homeroom teachers! I included t-shirts from years ago when the school was still new to the current spirit wear. The quilt blocks in the four corners are called Sarah's Choice (which I chose because Sarah is our last one to attend the school) and done in school colors. 

This is a label made by my friend, Kellie, who also did the stippling and embroidery on the quilt. I attached the label on three sides leaving one short side open to put a letter inside. The letter includes my thank you, quilt care instructions, and a list of all our teachers.

This basket quilt was paper pieced by me about 10 years ago when the kids were little and I still had one in the crib. Recently, I found it in my pile of PhD's (projects half finished) and decided to have it finished. It's one of my first quilt projects so don't look too closely :) The sentimental value exceeds the inaccuracies so I don't mind.

Happy quilting!

Julie B.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Waste Knot Quilt Top and French General

FINALLY, I am sending my Waste Knot quilt top to the long arm quilter. I am really happy with the pieced border and all the lovely 20's and 30's reproduction fabrics showcased within each block. One UFO (Unfinished Project) or PhD (Projects half Done) complete and checked off the list. Hooray!

Over the last 12 years I have been sewing and quilting and collecting all sorts of fabric from brights to 20's/30's repro to civil war and a ton of children's novelty prints. I have made too many pillowcases to count (tutorial here), lots of doll clothes, a few quilts, and several table runners. My newest discovery is French General fabric by Moda. It has been around for a few years but their latest line is called Petite Prints. I love the colors and style of the prints which would look great in my home. I foresee a new collection for me. This one would look great as a border for a table runner.

And here is a quilt made with French General fabric by Heidi-Idy at Heidi-Idy's Happenings 'n Stuff...

Happy quilting!

Julie B.

Friday, January 23, 2015

More Drawstring Bags and Future Projects

After many years, I'm still finding reasons to make these easy lined drawstring bags. The tutorial is by Jeni Baker here. I am so glad to have reasons to make them as they are really fun to make. The two pictured are for preteen girls filled with lotions and sprays from Bath and Body Works. 

This is for a girl who says the word "Moo" like we say "Oh." 

Happy Birthday!

I saw this at a quilt store while visiting relatives in California. It's a bed for an American Girl doll (or really any doll) that is on a large plastic storage tote. The idea is to store the clothes and accessories inside the tote rather than all over the floor. The dust ruffle is attached around the tote covering the tote and the messy wardrobe inside. There is a fitted sheet that goes around the lid. Very simple and very useful!

I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love. I am attracted to quilts that use different fabrics for each block. It's a great way to showcase all those wonderful fabric designs and prints. This block pattern would be easy to figure out and what a great reason to have a fabric swap!

I saw this at a bookstore yesterday and laughed out loud. I guess we laugh at things that we find to be true! 

Happy sewing and quilting!
Julie B.