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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Paper Pieced Christmas Ornaments

I have been making paper pieced Christmas ornaments the last couple weeks. I always look forward to making ornaments to put on gifts and gift bags for friends and family . The reindeer ornaments are from a pattern in Quiltmaker magazine Nov/Dec 2001. The pattern is called Pocket because there is a pocket on the back of the ornament to hold a gift card.

My aunt made several of the these ornaments for my kids a few year ago. I liked them so much I had to ask for the pattern!

What I really like about this pattern is the construction. There is no opening to hand stitch at the end!

Here is what the back pocket looks like. I added a special note in each one.

This is a paper pieced house that I found as a free pattern online. I thought the window was perfect for a snowman who wants to be inside for a change. And at the last minute I added the house number of the person who is receiving this one. My hand embroidery is wanting; next time I'll use the numbers on my Bernina. I hardly use the alphabet and numbers on my machine that I forget they are there!

These are not ornaments, but juice glass blocks that are paper pieced. I started this project a couple years ago and wasn't sure what to do with the blocks once I finished. I finally decided to make them the centerpieces of these drawstring bags (pattern here by Jeni Baker). I added rubber stamps and ink pads in each one to give to the girls.

Happy paper piecing and Merry Christmas!

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