...and not eating bon-bons.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pesto, Pillows, and Books

Finally, the basil grew enough in the garden for us to cut our first batch. We always make pesto to freeze for the winter. 

Basil, pine nuts, parmesan, and salt in a food processor with olive oil make for a good pasta sauce. I freeze the jars for winter so I don't add garlic until heated in a pan for a quick pasta dinner.

Latest and greatest Savers find…
Two needlepoint pillows handmade by a very talented person. 

I reorganized a bookcase in the family room. Does this book series look familiar? 
It's a Readers Digest series started in 1982 called World's Best Reading. The series was distributed as a mail order membership club. It began with single annual volumes and then, expanded to bi-monthly editions. Each volume includes a small pamphlet with a biography of the author. I believe the series is still in print. When I spot one at a resale shop I always buy it. I'm at 23 volumes and there are over 150!

Happy thrifting!

Julie B
ps Do you like the framed needlepoint bunny on the books? Another thrifty find I fell in love with.