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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dresden Lace and Scrapbooking

This lovely ballerina was once my Grandmother's many years ago. Along with a few other figurines sent to me after my Grandmother died, this piece has been in a curio cabinet on display. She is in great condition. I did not know much about her until this past week when I started doing some research after finding a couple other similar pieces. Her ballet tutu is called Dresden lace and was made by dipping cotton lace into a porcelain paste and fired until the lace disintegrated and a hard porcelain shell remained. This process began in Germany in the mid-nineteenth century. This particular figurine is stamped with a crown and the letters MV under it which stand for Muller Volkstedt. You can find more info here 

This one I found last week at a resale shop for $3 in great condition! She is playing a mandolin.  The stamp on the bottom of the figurine is one from Aelteste Volkstedt pottery. 

I found this one at the same place for $5 in great condition. She is picking flowers and her stamp is a crown with the letter S. This stamp was used by a factory in Sitzendorf, Germany. 

This is all I know about these pieces so if anyone has more information I would love to hear from you.

Besides vintage shopping this summer, I've been busy catching up on the kids' scrapbooks. I am officially only 2 years behind on each child. I should be able to get the rest done by end of summer. Creative Memories (a scrapbook company) went bankrupt a few months ago which threw me for a loop because I've been using their products for the last 15 years! I bought enough supplies to finish the albums I already started but switched to the top loading style of scrapbooking for the new ones. Below is the start of Andrew's middle school scrapbook which will probably fit high school too. The amount of pictures goes way down after the age of 10! Ha! But, I love to have all the report cards, concert brochures, artwork, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia in one place. 
We just celebrated Andrew's 15th birthday yesterday. It's hard to believe he's starting driving lessons this summer and getting ready for his sophomore year. In another year, we'll be looking at colleges! Yikes!

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