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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stitch and Flip, Mittens, and Chopped Salad

Recently, I am part of a quilting group with some sewing friends in my area. My friend, Lori, e-mailed some local, fellow sewers about starting a monthly group. Basically, we take turns hosting and showcase a favorite block. There are enough of us to get through the whole year with everyone taking one month. Lori kicked off the first month with a crazy quilt block involving a stitch and flip technique. Isn't this great?
The blocks are 14" finished. 

My block! I decided to get out my blue, purple, and green scraps to make a quilt for Emma.

I got out my pink scraps and had way too much fun.

I can see other blocks using my black and white scraps with red centers. Or how about an I Spy feel with smaller blocks and novelty fabric in the centers?

I love that this block is a great stash buster or scrap attacker. I see many fabrics in my blocks that are lovely reminders of previous projects. Here is a link to how its done, Crazy Quilt Block.  The block is made using a foundation of muslin or stabilizer. If you are in a cold climate, the extra layer of muslin would be welcome. Or if you want to do a pillow top, the stabilizer would help make a nice, firm pillow. If you really enjoy this one, take a look at the book, String Quilt Revival. There are many great stitch and flip quilts patterns, including my favorite Spider Web. The Starry Burst and Diamonds are Forever quilt patterns are calling my name. 

If you are  familiar with Portillo's Restaurants then you know where to get an awesome chopped salad. This recipe from The Girl who ate Everything is really darn close to the real thing!
 I add some chopped chicken and olives to my version. 

Julie B.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby, it's Cold Outside!

We live in a western suburb of Chicago that is currently experiencing blizzard conditions. The kids were supposed to return to school tomorrow after two weeks of winter break but with a high of -15 tomorrow (that - is not a typo), school has been cancelled. Even for Chicago, that is darn cold!

220 Fingerless Mitts for Emma.
I made these to match her favorite winter hat which is store bought.
Free pattern on Ravelry here.

Vancouver Fog fingerless mitts with Malabrigo Rios yarn
These were given to my aunt for Christmas.
Free pattern on Ravelry here.

Coco braving the cold weather with us.

Coco appreciates his knit sweater now. See previous post...

Nick decided to make some popcorn during his stay. We'll miss him!

Happy knitting!
Julie B.