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Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Knitting Bags, Herbs, and Tomatoes

I am in love with the drawstring bags designed by Jeni B at In Color Order. I have made many for party bags and birthday gifts. Recently, I made some just for me to use as knitting bags. Each one contains a knitting project so I can easily grab one, flop on the couch, and knit while watching my favorite episodes of Downton Abbey. Or I can grab one on my way out the door when I need something to do while waiting for the kids.  Don't you love the sheep fabric?
 I have 2 or 3 knitting projects going at one time so I've made several bags.
 I added a pocket on the inside to separate my needles, small scissors, and various knitting accessories that get lost at the bottom.
This one I made for my daughter's friend who loves, loves, loves horses!

Can you see how they are addicting to make? And even better, the pattern is free! The only changes I made to the original pattern are adding an inside pocket and adding shape flex to the lining. I like my bags to have some stability.

Sage, thyme, and rosemary are essential in my garden every summer. I have a favorite chicken recipe that calls for these herbs to be placed under chicken thighs with lemon and baked. And don't forget to rub a garlic, salt and olive oil paste under the skin. Not super healthy, but what a super good treat!

 Of course, what is summer without fresh tomatoes from the back garden?

I have started this new blog as a continuation of my previous one, Bed Sheet in the Kitchen.

Happy day!